Translating Time

Brandon M. Kersh

Brandon Marshall Kersh (1983 - 2007), was a young man who found his path in life, a love of science. His enthusiasm, dedication, and vision drove the initial establishment of a website where developmental time could be translated across species.

This remarkable achievement occurred while he was an undergraduate at the University of Central Arkansas. One can only marvel at being so young, and leaving a legacy such as this. Brandon's brother, Travis Kersh, who is also a student at the University of Central Arkansas pays honor to his brother by being involved in the project. Brandon also conducted research at the University of Washington's Friday Harbor Research Laboratories and at NASA's AMES Research Center in California.

Brandon was accepted into the PhD. program at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and planned to obtain his degree in Neuroscience.

Given Brandon's love of science it was his wish to become an organ donor. Many lives were changed that day, all because of Brandon.

To be a part of Brandon's life was truly a gift. All those who knew and loved Brandon knew that he loved and lived life to the fullest.

He was indeed like a shooting star. Gone too soon, but while here he was bright, brilliant, and beautiful.